SNFs improve quality and compliance with professional rehab services.

Making an Impact: A True Rehab Services Provider

Quality outcomes and full compliance with regulations and standards are always at the top of the list of priorities for Skilled Nursing Facilities. The right rehab services provider can contribute significantly toward both goals. When they do, residents and organizations both reap the benefits.

Such is the case with the 12-year relationship between Apex Rehab Services and Kane Regional Centers of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Both the Kane clinical staff and corporate nursing team can trace how the partnership with Apex has benefitted their organization and residents.

In particular, Apex Rehab has helped Kane Regional Centers keep rehospitalization low—a major goal in skilled nursing today.

“Our statistics for returning short-term residents to home without readmission to the hospital are very good,” says Nancy Ehrman, Chief Nursing Officer at Kane Regional Centers. “And that’s at least in part because of Apex Rehab.”

A Common Challenge & How Rehab Services Help

In today’s long-term care environment, Skilled Nursing Facilities face multiple challenges. At the forefront is remaining in command of evolving standards and new guidelines and quality measures.

That’s perhaps where Apex Rehab has made the most significant impact for Kane Regional Centers, helping them stay ahead of ever-changing standards.

Evolving Standards and Regulations

Federal and state regulations, as well as standards for measuring the quality of care, are constantly changing. The reasons for this are generally positive, as the regulations and standards are meant to guarantee a high level of care for residents.

The problems arise with familiarizing medical and support staff on the new requirements and procedures, and providing training to maximize effectiveness. This becomes an ongoing and sometimes frustrating process as familiar procedures are exchanged for newer ones and work routines are disrupted.

Quality Measures

Quality measures are vital to ensure that residents are receiving the best possible care, tailored for their individual needs. Without an objective standard of measurement, quality standards would vary and care levels would suffer.

The difficulties are with applying across-the-board quality measures to a host of residents, each with different needs for care. Also, time that is needed for resident care is often at odds with time needed to complete quality measure reporting.

The Apex Rehab Services Difference

When it comes to rehab services providers, not every provider offers a true partnership to long-term care facilities. That’s where Apex Rehab is different.

For years, Apex Rehab has served as a seamless provider of rehab services for Kane Regional Centers—and this partnership benefits from three key contributors:


Apex Rehab has provided staffing and rehab services for the Kane centers for more than 12 years.

Over such a period of time, personnel and management become familiar with both operational procedures and resident needs. After years of working alongside the multidisciplinary team at Kane Regional Centers, Apex staff are accepted members of care and QAPI teams of the facilities.

Apex Rehab has had an integral part in the Kane centers earning good report cards from both UPMC and Highmark hospitals for therapy service outcomes, including returning a high percentage of short-term residents to home without hospital readmission.

Longevity means trust and stability. Apex and Kane staff hold a mutual trust built on long professional experience together. Stable working relationships mean a higher level of care and more streamlined work processes.

Seamless Integration

Apex personnel readily integrate into the various care teams at all four Kane centers, providing therapy and rehab services as well as educational support activities.

“Apex staff participate in ongoing fall reduction programs, weekly rounding with wound care, survey participation, care teams, improving resident ADLs, attendance in meetings, and family education,” Ehrman says. “They are also involved in the dining programs, improving ADLs of the residents, and preventing cross contamination of residents during the flu season.”

Apex personnel truly become Kane Regional team members in all aspects when it comes to service and professionalism.

This level of teamwork means less staff disharmony and more quality care for residents. When the staff works together smoothly, workplace satisfaction rises—and this positivity is transferred into every aspect of the organization.

Education & Quality Assurance

Because Apex personnel are well-versed on healthcare certification and compliance measures and new regulations, they are available to provide necessary training and information to Kane staff, residents, and family members. This helps each of the Kane centers meet changing regulations and adhere to new quality standards.

Apex was pleased to assist Kane with implementing new CMS regulations in November 2017 and will do so again in November 2018. Among other items, these included new provisions for:

  • Staffing
  • Person-centered care
  • Care planning
  • Training
  • Abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  • Addressing grievances

This also includes enhanced education for compliance with CMS policies while a delay in enforcement is in place.

At Apex Rehab, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive therapy and rehab services to help SNF residents improve their quality of life while assisting SNFs with the challenges of staffing, compliance, and training. To learn how your SNF can benefit, call (412) 963-9698 or complete this quick form.