Your Partner In Achieving Successful Outcomes

Here’s a snapshot of what choosing Apex Rehab Solutions could mean for you

At Apex, we are committed to improving outcomes for our partner facilities. From process improvements and cost savings to increased productivity and revenue growth, Apex’s comprehensive solutions span all areas of your business — ensuring powerful benefits both now and in the future.

Outcomes You Can Measure

Through customized clinical programs, exceptional therapy providers and cutting edge extensions, Apex ensures the best possible outcomes for our clients and their residents. And with that promise comes a host of benefits, including increased patient satisfaction, mobility and independence — which all play a role in your ability to effectively market your facility.

Our customized measurement tools and reports provide partner facilities with documentation of these valuable outcomes and success metrics. Designed to be shared with your referral sources, ROAs highlight the positive outcomes you’ve been able to achieve for patients and ensure referrers see the value in your facility. Whether it's greater discharges to home, shorter stays, resident demographics or other key areas of interest, these ROAs help your facility promote its successes and improve census development.

Clinical Success Stories

With innovative, interdisciplinary therapy services and custom rehab solutions, Apex helps its partner facilities drive greater outcomes for more residents every day. No matter the size, scope or services needed, Apex can help.

Facility: County-owned nursing facility, 250+ beds


  • Improve patient care and therapy services
  • Develop better staff training and education
  • Provide a meaningful impact on facility operations

Solution: Apex integrated its Complete Approach to Clinical Care allowing for a successful transition with existing residents and facility nurses. Our step-by-step integration process included comprehensive staff training, including work with the nursing team to ensure they understood the critical role they play in successful patient outcomes.

Results: In less than 2 years Apex increased the facility’s revenue by 25 percent due to both the volume and type of services now offered.

"I would highly recommend Apex Rehabilitation Services without hesitation." - Administrator

Facility: Non-profit organization, 100+ beds


  • Minimize excess therapy charges being billed by an outside provider
  • Offer more comprehensive rehab solutions to residents

Solution: Apex completed an extensive financial analysis to determine the non-profit facility’s critical needs. From here, our team prepared a detailed report outlining the pricing options and cost savings that would results from an Apex integration.

Results: The facility reduced its overall therapy expenses by 40 percent by partnering with Apex.

"Apex has proven to very responsive at addressing the changing needs with reimbursement and operations. Their response has always been prompt, efficient and effective. I highly recommend their services." - Chief Financial Officer

Facility: private entity, 120+ beds


  • Overcome the drop in CMI and Part B from recent shifts in therapy providers
  • Curb a recent increase in no-pay claims due to poor billing and documentation

Solution: Apex completed a detailed analysis to determine where all financial shortfalls were occurring. From here, we immediately implemented an electronic documentation and claims system. This directly led to a significant improvement in both therapy utilization and reimbursement collections.

Results: In one year, Apex was able to provide claim support enabling the facility to recoup back charges. Additionally, Apex successfully improved overall CMI numbers providing improved financial stability for the facility.

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Client success stories

When our partners excel, their residents’ outcomes improve -- and that’s a win for everyone. At Apex, we’re committed to serving both our clients and their patients, for a truly holistic approach that drives success across all corners of the business.

Betty: limited mobility from chronic conditions

Diagnosed with a variety of complicated chronic conditions including diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, hypertension, osteoporosis, anemia, lupus and obesity, Betty’s mobility was extremely limited. However, it was also critical that she increase her movement and decrease her pre-existing aches and pains.

After just three weeks of therapy with Apex’s exclusive Moveo™ Movement Solution, Betty began to make gradual movements in her lower extremities with less pain. She also gained enough strength and mobility to transfer herself to a wheeled walker or wheelchair, after initially being able to stand with assistance for just 20 seconds.

Outcome: Betty was successfully discharged to home.

Don: severe lower extremity pain

Don suffered from a host of lower body challenges, including an infection in his right leg and gout in both knees, paired with renal insufficiency, hypertension and vertigo. Together, these conditions left him unable to bear weight on his right side without severe pain. The parallel bars delivered minimal physical responses and Don’s therapist began integrating the Moveo™ Movement Solution in his treatment.

In four weeks Don had great lower body strength, an increased range of motion in his knee and ankle, as well as improved self-confidence, greater motivation and a strong sense of independence.

Outcome: Don was successfully discharged to home.

Brian: hip replacement recovery

Following his hip replacement surgery, Brian needed a focused environment to support in his recovery. He began treatment under Apex’s Orthopedic Solution program, receiving cutting edge physical therapy that expedited his progress and enabled him to return home ahead of schedule.

Outcome: Brian was successfully discharged to home.

"You all do a wonderful job, and provide a great service for your patients. I'm glad that I was able to be a beneficiary of that." ~ Brian

Frank: loss of mobility and a broken shoulder

Frank already suffered from some loss of mobility, but a broken shoulder left him increasingly immobile and unable to tackle many of his day-to-day tasks. Bringing together the Freedom of Movement Solution to maximize his range of motion and overall independence, plus Apex’s Orthopedic Solution to help him recover from his broken shoulder, Frank was able to rebuild his strength and get back to his busy life.

Outcome: Frank was successfully discharged to home.

"The physical therapy staff did a great job of teaching him to regain his strength and mobility following his fall. They were wonderful and caring, taking the time to communicate with me in order to puzzle through some obstacles to help Frank get the most from rehabilitation." - Pat, Frank’s wife and caregiver

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