Get the Support You Need, Whenever You Need It

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what, we deliver. At Apex, we understand the demands facing your facility every day, so we’re committed to being there 24/7 to help you overcome challenges and find your unique path to success.

Simple, seamless service integration

We understand the vital role therapy services play in your facility. We also understand how critical it is to seamlessly integrate these solutions within your existing framework. Our multi-step approach ensures a smooth transition and maximizes your success from day one:

  • Strategic planning that puts client and resident needs first
  • Policy and procedural coordination that ensures a clear understanding of your facility’s operations and goals
  • Comprehensive utilization pattern analysis spots service gaps and areas for improvement
  • Electronic documentation integration ensures therapy levels are consistent and cohesive

Financial analysis and compliance

As part of our comprehensive support services, Apex will analyze your reimbursement patterns and trends to determine your performance versus industry benchmarks. All analyses will be in line with all state and federal regulatory guidelines ensuring your facility is fully compliant at all times. Services and support teams include:

  • Dedicated reimbursement specialists
  • Dedicated claims processing managers
  • Legal support to aid in the interpretation of state and federal regulations
  • Human resource specialists
  • Dedicated appeals managers
  • Compliance and quarterly audits
  • Clinical outcome audits

Streamlined management services

As a partner facility, you will have your own dedicated point of contact within Apex. This onsite Rehabilitation Director plus a support team of regional managers ensures a fully hands-on approach to best serve your organization. We believe that strong leadership coupled with solid communication are the keys to success, and that’s why we are committed to delivering:

  • Daily communication with a dedicated onsite director and staff
  • Weekly communication from regional managers who will review results and discuss outstanding claims
  • Monthly onsite meetings with regional directors
  • Customized monthly operational reports
  • Quarterly financial reviews and assessments

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